Paid Internship - FinTech, London

Paid Internship - FinTech, London  

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Central London 
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London E14 
Job Sector:
5 - 9 Months 
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An excellent paid internship and a rare opportunity to work in a small team with a member of the ExCo at a leading FinTech firm.

The role will involve a mix of business strategy and projects and will cover areas such as product development, sales, finance, 3rd party partnerships and marketing.

The ideal person will be highly personable and will:

- have a financial /modelling background
- have a background (training/education/prior work experience) in strategy
- be a self starter, independent thinker and team player
- be resilient and not shy.

Evidence of a previous internship or other work experience in a consultancy role or similar will be helpful.

This internship might appeal to someone who plans a career in strategic consultancy and is interested in gaining skills and experience in a FinTech.


A good degree from a top university is required in a subject such as Accountancy, Economics, Business Management, Finance or similar. A Masters degree would be preferable.

It is essential to have fluency in English and to have the legal right to work in the UK. Work permit sponsorship is not available.