Games Developer (Intern)

Games Developer (Intern)  

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Central London 
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Information Technology 
1 - 4 Months 
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We’re geared up here to offer another round of epic internship experiences in summer 2018. The internship program offers the opportunity to pause your studies for one summer and work side-by-side with Dream Random (DR) employees in your area of interest, doing real work that oftentimes ends up in production. As such, we hold you to the same high standards as anybody else in the company.

Just like our gameplay experiences, DR internships are a fully immersive experience. We want interns who are enthusiastic about what they want to do for a living and excited to come in every day to learn and contribute in this hyper-creative atmosphere. Being fully engaged with our team also means communicating effectively and maintaining an open mind - one that is receptive to feedback and able to adapt and grow. Your hobbies and interests can also play in your favour.

Passion for technology, gaming, game development, and an in-depth knowledge of Dream Random games, products and services will always be a plus with us, regardless of the position you’re applying for. Be passionate about who you are, be into our industry, and be willing to go all-in and embrace this opportunity to the fullest!

Quest Objectives
The game design intern will work directly with developers on the Hearthstone team to help design, implement, iterate, and polish new content for Dream Random

The ideal student will have an excellent understanding of game play and the ability to think about the player experience from the perspective of a wide spectrum of players. Day to day activities will include working with the team’s development tools, so ability to learn new tools quickly is a must. The intern will constantly be interacting with developers and will be helping with player research, so being able to play nice with others is a requirement!

Eligibility Requirements

A strong sense for what makes a gameplay experience compelling and fun
Previous experience designing games as personal, academic, or professional projects
Solid math skills
Experience in Microsoft Word and Excel
Recommended Talents
Experience in Unity
Experience in C#
Writing skills
Quest Items

WARNING! Applications that do not include all of the required materials will not be considered. We’re serious about this – due to the volume of applications we receive, we only have time to consider complete submittals.