About us

About us

Welcome to Internwise

Founded in October 2009, Internwise is on a mission to build a tool to help reduce the youth unemployment rates in the UK.

Grown from zero to become a top global community network to connect over 15,000 employers with a quarter of million interns (and counting).

Internwise is an online job board platform for the niche of internship recruitment where:

-  Employers - from start-ups to blue-chips and across all industries - find and hire a pool of Graduates and

- Talented, ambitious students and recent graduates find businesses offering an internship; work experience or an entry-level role. Designers, photographers, programmers, accountants or marketers: all sorts of young talents will use Internwise to find the next step in their professional growth across all industries and sectors.

The Founder:

Nuno Dhiren

Nuno Dhiren is of Indian origin, was born in Mozambique, studied and worked in Portugal before he moved to the UK in 2009. He also lived in Brazil for a year. Nuno has a degree in Financial Control and holds a Masters in Business Management, Control & Performance. 

In Portugal, Nuno worked as a Financial Controller and founded his own Consultancy business. Finance, business and strategy definition are part of Nuno’s range of skillset. 

Your comments:

We value our users and therefore welcome any comments you might have. Feel free to get in touch and connect with Nuno Dhiren