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We're an exciting website with the goal of connecting employers with talented and ambitious students and newly graduates. Designers, programmers, journalists, marketers: all sorts of young talents use Internwise everyday to find the next step on their professional growth.

Why hire interns?

Interns are bright, enthusiastic and can help you with your business's daily tasks. They offer a cost-effective and flexible option and have several skills to offer: they can cover short term work requirements and work outside office hours, for example at evening or weekend events. They can help out when extra resources are needed to cover peak times, or when regular staff cannot be recruited.

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What companies are saying about us

I was looking to recruit interns and I quickly came across Internwise on a Google search. I haven't stopped using and recommending Internwise's services ever since.

Laura Sanchez
, Lypsso
We really like Internwise as it generates a lot of good applications for us. It is easy to use, and it delivers exactly what an employer is looking for. Congratulations.

Lauren Andrews
Internwise is by far the most effective avenue to source high quality interns. We have hired two exceptional candidates through Internwise.co.uk, both have performed so well that we'll be hiring them on a permanent basis.

Reza Merchant
, Share In The City
Congratulations on the success of your project, it has become an invaluable part of the recruitment process for our business. This service has proved a much more effectively way of finding determined and loyal candidates than the traditional recruitment route.

Oliver Hibbs-Brockway
, Ignite Spirits
As a recruiter, it’s very important for me that the whole process of recruiting runs smoothly and efficiently. With Internwise I can always count on that. I have been recruiting through them for over a year, and have had the best results I could get – excellent calibre graduates, who quickly went from interns to employees.

Fatima Ribeiro
, Free Holdings
Applications came flooding more or less instantly, with the majority being of high standard candidates. We eventually interviewed and selected someone the following week who has done some fantastic work for us.”

, LGN Events