Thai Marketing Internship

Thai Marketing Internship  

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Greater London 
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Beckenham, Greater London 
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Marketing, PR & Advertising 
1 - 4 Months 
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Butterfly Consulting are a media agency working with multi-national publishers seeking to expand their international business.
Our clients are leading international publishers, including Playboy Magazine and Future Publishing.
The ideal intern is a Thai speaker who likes using the telephone and is a good conversationalist, with excellent written and spoken English and Thai.
The person will be responsible for finding new companies to work with in Thailand.
The person will offer these new publishers the opportunity to license Butterfly's represented magazine brands in Thailand and will also be responsible for setting up meetings for the Butterfly MD with interested companies.
Butterfly operates from a home-based office. Though Dorian Silver has owned media businesses for 23 years and have used interns successfully in all businesses. The business also uses the global contact network Dorian has established through his previous businesses.
The home office includes a sausage dog, so a liking of small dogs is useful though not essential.

Unpaid position, expenses for travel and lunch supplied.

Butterfly Consulting Clients

Butterfly represents leading global publishers, including –
• Future Publishing, , are the UK's biggest games and technology publisher.
• Playboy Enterprises, is the iconic 60 year old men's brand.
• American Media International, URL is a leading US health and tabloid title magazine house.
• Immediate, URL publish leading magazines on behalf of the BBC.
• EzyInsights, URL are a tech company with a social media analytics tool.



No formal marketing qualifications are required.
The right person is a good conversationalist with an interest in the media, who enjoys using the phone.
A good command of English and Thai, both written and spoken is essential.
A command of basic computer programmes is required and the ability to organise and research information.
Unpaid position, expenses for travel and lunch supplied.