Online marketing assistant, administrator, PA, PR, business …

Online marketing assistant, administrator, PA, PR, business development, sales assistant  

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Central London 
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North-West, Central London 
Job Sector:
Marketing, PR & Advertising 
1 - 4 Months 
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We are introducing a new fitness craze of high intensity work-out to city professionals and millennials.

Here is great chance to really be a part of a new movement from A-Z, which will be taking over London in 2018. You will receive full training and have opportunity to work with some top venues/gyms/health clubs in Central London and beyond.

If you would be up for receiving more information on this, I will be holding a interview day at Citizen M on 6th May or 7th May from 2pm - that you can attend and we can decipher whether this is the right opportunity for you.

Does that sound good?

The opportunity:

We are looking for a 'Dream Team' to succeed in this start up opportunity and reach out for 1000 active members who join our classes, our VENUES and international treats. If you shine out and show us your special unique creativity, skills in the first few months there are a long term paid opportunities.

Here are many areas of the project will cover. You can get trained for free, deepen your skills or just simple get more experienced and most importantly get 'fit' with the newest exercise regime for rewards.

1. Facebook/ Twitter/ Instagram/ all Social media platforms, blogs, research for groups, group posts- videos, pictures, PR

2. Funzing/ Move GB/ Groupon/ Meetup, JOMBA Timetable, schedules, Booking system, Class- Group exercise online Operation, PR

3. Youtube customer communications- video marketing

4. Research: Free adds, free or affordable promotional sites, platforms, offers, Social media sites, news papers, Google research, Councils events, festivals at sea sides, Brighton and SEA side, International treats, hotels,, AIRbnb booking system

5. SEO

6. Event management, operation, Promotion, marketing, PR opportunities, Fitness workshops, Festivals, weekends, auditions.

7. Finance, accountants



Advance Marketing skills, Project management, sales, event management, BA, Graphic Design, Business Development, Fitness qualifications are all advantages, but not essential.

Basic IT skills, digital marketing, social media, Words and Excel skills, fluent English, Customer Service, great positive communication and desire for living healthy happy fulfil Life are essential.