Filmaker / Editor

Filmaker / Editor  

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Central London 
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Central London 
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Arts, Film, Photography 
1 - 4 Months 
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We're looking for a volunteer to help us to do some editing in a lot of footage we have.

There will be some filming too, so you must be confident to direct people in front of the camera.
We run 3 events a month, so you will be very busy filming and editing.

This is a volunteering role, and you can do part time but you must come to our office to do the work.

We tried to work with some volunteers from home and they never deliver.

If you need to build a portfolio with commercial videos and can spare some time to help a startup, this is a great arrangement.


You must be creative and technically good in filming and have your own equipment to film and edit.

This is a hands-on opportunity for you to develop your skills and gain some experience.