Charity Shop and Office Project Manager

Charity Shop and Office Project Manager  

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Central London 
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22 Lavender Hill, SW11 5RN, London, UK 
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Charity & Volunteering 
1 - 4 Months 
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This internship matters: your creative, organisational and communication skills could help shape the future of children in Southeast Asia.

Your responsibilities would be three-fold; managing the charity shop, sorting donations, and taking part in the development of the organisation.

Your role in the charity shop:

- Running the till (including sales, opening and closing)
- Advising customers
- Sorting and displaying donations
- Creating the shop window display
- Cleaning and tidying

You will also have the opportunity to be shop leader. This role includes responsibilities such as:

- Managing the team of volunteers and interns,
- Overseeing planning, including lunch breaks,
- Ensuring that your team is satisfied and motivated with their tasks and that they are working efficiently,
- Preparing and leading the weekly team meetings.

The third part of the internship involves office projects. According to your skills and previous experience, you will be assigned projects related to communication, fundraising and administration, such as:

- Fundraising (writing and reviewing proposals and reports, sending grant applications, taking part in event organisation, street fundraising, digital fundraising and research on potential corporate partnerships)
- Recruitment (publishing ads and conducting interviews for the recruitment of the new team of interns and volunteers)
- Administrative tasks (updating the database and accounting for the charity shop)
- Communication (social media, emailing sponsors and donors, newsletters and updating the website)
- Managing the EBay account
- Proposing new projects

With many responsibilities and a lot of independence, the interns will learn to identify the needs of the business and take initiative giving them great experience for the future.

The internship would ideally last for 4-6 months.


Candidates are students in business school, engineering school or university.
The suitable candidates will have strong organisation skills, a good work ethic and be able to take initiative.

Apply for this internship by sending your CV and cover letter.