Advertising & Digital marketing communications internshi…

Advertising & Digital marketing communications internship for fashion business  

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Central London 
Location details:
Seven sisters - North East London 
Job Sector:
Marketing, PR & Advertising 
5 - 9 Months 
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We are running a fashion and accessories company based in London called Hyde Fast:

We are looking for a talented marketing intern to join our team!
We would need you to:

- Work on new marketing campaigns
- Work on the companies' marketing strategies
- Write content for the website and social media campaigns
- Social media content and activity
- Email marketing activity and maintain the database
- SEO activity
- Assist with the companies’ website updates
- Suggest new ideas on how to develop the brands
- Promotion

You will be involved in helping manage these activities. From the foundation
creative development, to measuring and reporting, adjusting and optimising, you will
really be able to practise and develop your skills.

The internship will take place in our East London HQ. The applicants will take part in
all the activities happening at the studio including:
Designing & making, photo shoot productions, E-commerce and assisting in the busy
and dynamic daily duties an up and coming independent fashion brands.

Please send a copy of your CV and a cover letter.


We are looking for the following:

- One year of experience in Digital media, marketing and communication (or course of studies)
- A candidate with a passion for marketing and social media aspects
- Photoshop skills
- Excel skills
- Powerpoint skills
- Creative skills
- Excellent written and spoken English
- Excellent attention to detail
- Eager to learn