ICO / Blockchain Assistants/Researchers

ICO / Blockchain Assistants/Researchers  

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Online, but best in Europe 
Job Sector:
Financial Services / Banking 
1 - 4 Months 
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Please read this carefully, we will only respond, to individuals who have posted the photographs and who clearly understand the position.
We hired an intern 2016/17 and our top intern now has a job at Goldman Sachs. Our other interns where are able to use the experience.

Funding and raising capital for new projects, has moved from the traditional IPO, To the ICO, often with a strong element of blockchain.

Here you can see me talking about the future, https://youtu.be/iuc4s_5YY4s

We have 10 ICO projects we are working on, it is the set-up stage. The work for 3 months will be unpaid, but if the project is successful you will have cains paid to you. Agreed expenses will be paid.

If you are going to join the team, you need to be very clear in your answers and approach, we will need you to sign an NDA.


1. The Ability to gather information, And presented a very transparent and clear way.
2. The Ability to work under pressure, You must have sufficient time to commit to the project.
3. The Ability to work in Graphic packages/PowerPoint/Hubspot or Other CRM.
4. Understanding of crypto economy is a useful/Not essential.
5. Will be commencing assignments next week.

Projects will be in multiple Sectors, the panel above does not allow multiple statements.

Projects and the following area, Banking, Money transfer, Purchasing property via blockchain, Solar energy, Thermal energy, Transport apps, Modern farming, Sales to investors. E-gaming.