Broadcast Engineer Internship

Broadcast Engineer Internship  

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Republic of Ireland 
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1 - 4 Months 
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● Analog or digital recording, editing, mixing, and mastering experience.
● Some Experience as studio recording engineer.
● Knowledge about how to use multi channel mixers for sound and recording reinforcement.
● Ability to use using industry-standard Digidesign's Pro Tools 10, LogicPro X and/or Ableton for hard drive recording.
● Excellent organization and communication skills.
● Strong work ethic, highly motivated and self-disciplined.

Babylon Radio is a multicultural site with information about living here, visiting and things to do, playing music from all around the world, running multicultural events and more. The components of our project consist on a Web Radio, a Web Site and a Multicultural Community, which are created to help people to feel included, informed and welcome through our website, radio shows and events. Our aim is to help people around the world unite through music with no barriers of borders, race, religion or politics.

Role summary:

The broadcast engineer will be responsible for operating and maintaining the broadcasting system and carrying out post-production operations.The intern will be involved in the day-to-day running of our webradio station.


- Working closely with the director, presenters and artists to decide on music and sound requirements.
- Maintaining specialist equipment for broadcasts and interactive media.
- Ensuring sound quality is at its best by performing sound checks in advance of a performance or recording and monitoring sound throughout the performance.
- Recording speech, music, and other sounds using recording equipment.
- Mixing and balancing sound levels, voices, music and other effects for live performances or for pre-recorded material.
- Solving and fixing technical problems.


No professional experience is required.
The ideal candidate should have a keen interest in the radio station field and positive and creative attitude. The person has to demonstrate passion and willing to learn and actively participate in Babylon Radio’s projects. Excellent communication and relational skills are essential to fulfill this role position.

The period in which you would like to do the internship is flexible and can be discussed with us. You can choose the length, which should not be less than 3 months, and the starting date, which should allow yourself and us to have everything ready for your arrival in our company.

If you find this opportunity suitable for you, send us your CV today.
All applications will be considered.