Java Microservices Developer

Java Microservices Developer  

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Information Technology 
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We are a team of six pursuing the dream of starting our own company. If you are A-team, looking for an exciting challenge in a growing start-up and want to expand your Java microservices developer skills, keep reading Smile

We’re on the lookout for a self-starter to join our exemplary 6 person team. You’ll be leading the development of our API gateway (Java based) and the Java microservices that serve our Android and iOS apps. You will have full ownership of the code that runs within containerised services. We’re a 3 year-old startup building an app called inapps; we’ve already got iOS and Android apps and now need to get someone that wants to specialise in building out the services needed for our app’s next features. You’ll have loads of support from our Content architect and me (I’ve built the current API and services behind it).

Our vision is an incredibly visual and simple place for lifestyle businesses to:

- sell their experiences and products in their own inapps which live in our app (like departments in a high end department store)
- create a community with their clients using our Whatsapp-like chat feature

We’re a very passionate team, so much so that we’ve come very far working in our spare time. This also has the advantage that we are forced to think very carefully about our product design and the customers we are working with. To give you a flavour of what we’re striving to create, check out our iOS/Android apps and website:

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We stand for quality over deadlines; attention to detail over iterating wildly, and being friendly over competitive behaviour.

You’ll be building something core to our business; services that connect to 3rd party services like payments; booking services; content related services (with support form our Content architect Will who loves a chat. He’s based in Munich, our iOS/Android developer is based in Nigeria and I’m in London: so we don’t really care where you are based as long as you love building software for people and you’re within a few time zones of London. We also don’t care much when you work (full time is not necessary) as long as you make time for the odd team call. The internship will be for 10 weeks and for that we’ll pay £1k and hopefully further integrate you into our team afterwards.


You’ll know if this might be for you by now. So get in touch and ask me some questions.