Journalist/Media Correspondant

Journalist/Media Correspondant  

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Media / New Media 
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Uniting for Peace is looking for an individual to fill the position of a Journalist/Media Correspondent following the launch of the Director Vijay Mehta’s new book: ‘How Not To Go To War: Establishing Departments for Peace and Peace Centres Worldwide’.

The book How Not To Go To War masterfully makes the case for the establishment of a Department for Peace and Peace Centres, which will result in not only building a better world with less violence and wars, but also in saving billions of pounds in military spending which the UK and other governments can utilise for job creation, healthcare, education and sustainable peace building.

Uniting for Peace is an international NGO working for creating and promoting a global culture of peace, disarmament and sustainable development.

Uniting for Peace was established to promote Peace, Security and Disarmament, United Nations Human Rights, International Law, Development and Poverty Reduction. Its approach to solving global threats and challenges is a holistic one.

We do this by hosting conferences, lectures and talks as well as through Training and Capacity Building of the General Public and NGOs. We organise Fundraising activities and promote peace with Publications, newsletters, brochures and by lobbying and campaigning.

We are currently looking for an individual to act as a Journalist/Media Correspondent working specifically to increase our outreach for the book promotion and establishing and maintaining media connections.

The role will require you to read the book and to help with promotion from newspapers, media, TV, radio and wider networks alongside working with us on issues of peace, disarmament, climate change and social justice.

Assisting at Uniting for Peace provides an opportunity to meet a wide range of people, develop new skills and gain experience working within an international peace building organisation. You can find out more at


Media and Journalism courses.
Media and Journalism experience would be necessary but not essential.