Voluntary Art and History feature writer

Voluntary Art and History feature writer  

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Work from home 
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Media / New Media 
5 - 9 Months 
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We are looking for a writer to continue our Art and History feature by bringing unique, exciting and innovative articles to the magazine.

You will have knowledge in different aspects of history and be familiar with recent and ancient historical events.

Be Familiar with art works of the best and upcoming artists. Especially oil paintings, landscapes and still life artworks.

Our writers love quality content and you will decide which Art and History article will best suit the week.

You must be ready and willing to meet deadlines and write two articles a week.

We are looking for an individual who can start immediately and stay on for the duration of 5 months.

You will be writing for a wide demographic, academics and introverts in The USA, Canada, UK and even Australia.

You will bring your unique writing style to the table and give writing articles to be excited and to look forward to each week.


Grade B in English Language and English Literature or equivalent

2.1 undergraduate predicated or awarded grade (recent graduate)