Project Management Intern (Space Company - London)

Project Management Intern (Space Company - London)  

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Central London 
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Liverpool Street 
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Information Technology 
1 - 4 Months 
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We are an engineering firm operating in space propulsion, currently developing ion propulsion systems for the European Space Agency. We are looking for a Project Manager candidate with strong analytical, organisational, and interpersonal skills. The role will involve reasearch, writing, and filing of governmental research contracts, as well as the regular operational needs of the company. We are carrying out research with such elite universities as Imperial College and UCL, and as a consequence successful candidates will be interacting with some of the UK's top researchers.

We are looking for candidates with strong work ethic, ability to perform under time pressure, and with an ability to learn new topics quickly. Successful candidates will be offered a full time position in our London office, and in the unfortunate case where we aren't a good fit, candidates will be able to sell in the open market an experience with a deep technology firm working for government agencies.

Looking forward to hear from you! Hephaestus Technologies


Bsc, Msc or Phd preferably in a quantitative field. We welcome students from all backgrounds if they can demonstrate strong analytical, organisational, and interpersonal skills.