Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer  

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Central London 
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London (online) 
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Architecture / Design 
1 - 4 Months 
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We're a new startup and we're looking for volunteers who want to build portfolios and gain real experience in graphic design.

About us
We're brand new, with lots of ambition to disrupt the PR industry.
If you join us, you will build your portfolio so you can show potential employers you're a go-getter who doesn't sit around doing anything, you look for opportunities to gain experience and explore your creativity and technical knowledge in graphic design. You're proactive in building your future career - and you can build your portfolio while still working (if you're doing a job you don't really like but it's paying the bills).

We're looking for students/graduates who’d like to build their portfolio and showcase their graphic design skills while finishing university, or for graduates looking for a job in the industry who want to have an opportunity to build their portfolio. This is a volunteer opportunity for 3 months. You can be a volunteer while doing your job - as long as you can commit to delivering the following:

- create graphically designed images to use on our social media, blogs and youtube channel.

Your work will be all over the internet, so you can build a portfolio of commercial images. We will provide a reference letter and Linkedin public recommendation when you complete 3 months.

These are voluntary roles that can be done alongside other work/studies and can be done from home. Full online training and video calls will be done to train you and help you accomplish results.


Graphic designer/illustrator / Adobe Family and any other graphic design software.

You will do internet and a test for 90min to complete an exercise in graphic design.