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Location: Oxfordshire - South West England

Job Sector: Marketing / Advertising / Social Media

Type: Part-time

Period: 1 - 3 months

Description: We're looking for a talented, ambitious and self-driven individual to join our team. We are a long standing family company in the high end kitchen market who is looking for someone to come and effectively create and take ownership of the digital and social media marketing of the company.

Job Description:
Working directly with the MD, you will develop and implement a marketing strategy. Create from scratch a social media and digital marketing presence for the company as we move some focus from a B2B business to a B2C.

The primary focus of the role will be the following:

Expand our current social media presence while also creating systems to capture and funnel leads. You will be working directly or indirectly on:

Email Marketing (SendinBlue)
Social media posting (Youtube/Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn/TikTok)
Facebook/Google Ads
Web design (WordPress)
Sales funnel, Landing pages, Content creation, editing, and more...

This internship role involves an initial trial of 1-4 months (depending on your skill level and level of commitment) that covers your expenses. If you are successful in the trial, and part of this will be the level of business that can be directly attributed to the work done, you may be offered a permanent position within our team.

During the internship, you will have the chance to learn all aspects of this industry.


We are looking for someone who is able to:
Brainstorm ideas, set goals, and execute tasks with minimal supervision.
Learn new skills and gather information when needed to reach the goals.

Prior working experience is not required, though you're unlikely to get selected unless you are very smart and/or are very knowledgeable in Social Media Marketing.

Location - Mixed between home working and office. We would require you to work with the team in our office Watlington.

Please email with the subject line 'Social Media Whizz' attaching your CV and answering the following questions:

1. Where do you live and how will you be commuting to the office?

2. Rate yourself from 1 (don't know much about it) to 10 (I am wizard), with 5 (I know exactly how it all works in theory but have not implemented it) and 7 (I know it well and have experience implementing it successfully) on each of the following:
Creating a sales funnel, Email Marketing, Web design, Video Editing, Video Production, Facebook/Google Ads, Youtube (thumbnail, tags, description...), Instagram (post description, scheduling, shoutout-to-shoutout...), Facebook (public page, private groups...), Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, Copywriting/written content creation.

3. When can you start?

No previous qualifications needed.

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