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E-Sports Social Media/Community Management


Location: Online - Central London

Job Sector: Sports, Marketing / Advertising / Social Media, Internet Business / Online / Mobile

Type: Part-time

Period: +12 months

Remote Internship: Yes

Languages: English (Default)

Description: Kompetes is a private E-Sports platform for all gamers. (

The aim is to start with one game which is Counter Strike and later on add other games as the user base grows. The development is completed, and we have started the social media pages. We are planning our first competition and we need 160 people for the tournament to happen, this means 32 teams. Counter Strike is a team game.

Before that as part of the marketing we hoping to have exhibitions games to help promote the main tournament.

I need a social media manager and community manager with experience in building social pages from 0 users to infinity. If you have experience dealing with gaming or can demonstrate a passion for gaming this would be advantageous. I am mainly focussed on the UK market, but the platform is opened globally.

The social pages are all created and have been running for about a month now.

I am looking for avenues to market the platform, so all ideas are welcomed. My budget is flexible however continuity will be based growth and meeting targets set by you and me. If I am not happy with the progress, we can part ways no hard feelings. You can also walk away if you do not wish to continue.

I am hoping for a big contribution to gaining traction for the first competition which will take place from December.
I look forward to your responses. Have a look at the site and social pages if you wish.

Your main role is to grow the audience of our pages and get people to enter the competitions.

The community manager role is separate, one person can do both, however, we expect the CM to reach out gamers who may be interested in our contests. You will be expected to invite gamers to contests and promote the brand and the competitions. We expect you to manage the Facebook group, steam group and Discord channel. This role is the most important role.

If you have video editing skills that would be huge, ideally we only want one person to manage 3 pages at a time but you can manage more if we can see that you are up to it. The role is online-based and can be done part-time and you will be paid for your work.

we expect you to use all social tools for example on IG we expect you to use the reels and stories.
We expect stories on Facebook also.

The discord channel is a specialists role only someone with experience in handling discord channel will be considered.

For the Youtube and Twitch pages, a lot of the content will be based on the competitions. We create content from the videos of the competition. E.g top ten kills video etc.

If you believe you are ready for the challenge then please do send your CV.

We need individuals to manage the following pages:




Discord - Specialists role

Social media Manager
Community Manager
Graphics designer
Video Editor

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