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All About Internships in the Charity Sector

An internship with a charity comprises a variety of interesting responsibilities, such as marketing and spreading awareness about the charity, as well as fundraising, so there is never a possibility to become bored. These tasks range from advertising and spreading consciousness about the cause for fundraising.

All About Internships in the Charity Sector

Charity internships, which are also called nonprofit internships or philanthropic internships, are internships that are offered by charitable organisations or schools that don't make money for themselves. People can use these internships to get work experience and help a cause they care about while working for a group that wants to make a positive difference in the world. A lot of organisations and many charities offer internships to and run graduate schemes for candidates who love to care for others and a flexible working schedule. 

Here are some important things to know about charity internships:

    Nonprofit Organisations for Graduates:

Most charity internships mostly in the public sector, are offered by nonprofit organisations, which are groups with the goal of solving social, environmental, or humanitarian problems. These groups may work on things like schooling, health care, fighting poverty, protecting the environment, and more. They focus on a charity that supports children, homeless people, elderly folks, orphans etc. 

    Paid Internship or Unpaid:

While working in the charity sector, the internships are often unpaid. Charity internships can be paid or unpaid, based on the rules of the organisation and the amount of money it has. Some nonprofits give interns stipends or pay, while others depend on workers to help them do their work. Social enterprises encourage you to apply for summer jobs or volunteering programme at a minimal stipend. 

    Different Roles as an Intern:

Charity internships can include a wide range of roles and responsibilities, such as research, fundraising, event planning, marketing, social media management, program coordination, and administrative chores. The intern's tasks will depend on what the group needs and what he or she is good at and interested in.

    Skill Development:

Interns who work at nonprofits can learn useful skills like project management, grant writing, data analysis, and communicating with others. These skills could help you get a job in the nonprofit industry or in another field in the future. It's a good opportunity for student learning and development in both soft and hard skills. 


Charity internships are a great way to meet workers and leaders in the nonprofit sector as well as other people who are also interested in social change and doing good work. The fundraising and volunteering events help you meet fellow caretakers or volunteers, and you learn about more graduate schemes in the charity sector where you may apply for the internship program. 

    Impactful Work:

One of the best things about charity internships is the chance to work on useful and important projects that try to solve important problems in society. Interns often enjoy working on projects that are in line with their values and beliefs. Jobs in charities are always about creating a bigger impact on society as a whole. Charity work might be challenging but it's super fulfilling if you're passionate about helping the underprivileged. 

    Duration and Commitment:

Some charity jobs, like summer internships, are short-term, while others can last for several months or even a year. The amount of work and hours needed may also change.     When applying for charity jobs, you usually have to send in a CV, a cover letter, and maybe even go on an interview. To make your application stand out, you should learn about the organisation's goals, values, and internship possibilities.

    Volunteer Opportunities:

In addition to traditional internships, many charitable groups offer volunteer opportunities that can give you valuable experience and let you help a cause you care about. You can consider offering your services and sending applications at any time to such groups. Most might be unpaid internships if you are willing to learn you can make it big within the charity sector.

Do I need formal education for internships in Charity Field?

Some jobs in the nonprofit sector, like charity fundraiser, volunteer supervisor, and charity officer, do not require a specific degree. What you learn is not as important as what you can do and how much you care about the charity's cause. Still, about half of the people who work in the voluntary industry have a college degree or higher. 

You could study the following to improve your chances of getting a job with a charity:

  • Studies in business, community development, social policy, and government
  • The study of society
  • Management of youth work in the volunteer sector

For certain jobs in accounting and finance, human resources, information technology, marketing, advertising, and public relations, a charity may ask for a bachelor's degree in a field like accounting, business, consulting, management, human resource management, information technology, marketing, or social work.

International development is a famous field of work, and most jobs in this field require a Bachelor's degree in the field. See courses on foreign development to learn more. You might have a better chance of getting into this difficult field if you have a postgraduate degree in the subject.

Which groups offer volunteer internships?

Employers want graduates with a lot of work experience, so many people volunteer before getting paid jobs. 

It's hard to find paid internships in the third sector, and they aren't often promoted. The Summer Internship Program at some big charity groups gives people the chance to work with experienced staff in a field of their choosing. Over the course of eight weeks, interns make the London Living Wage, which is about £11.05 an hour.

Cancer Research UK offers a paid 12-week internship in areas like fundraising, communications, technology, policy, and business strategy. Interns get paid £11.66 per hour.

Young people between the ages of 16 and 24 who get Universal Credit can get paid work experience through the British Red Cross, Greenpeace, and Body&Soul.

Most charity internships, on the other hand, are unpaid and part-time (usually a couple of days a week). This means that workers can work while they are at their placement. 

Schemes can last anywhere from one month to one year, but most are finished in 12 weeks. Participants gain experience in a variety of fields, such as marketing and events, fundraising, project management, accounting, human resources, information technology, volunteer recruiting, and digital media.

Organisations that Offer Work Experience?

  • Most job openings, especially ones at big, national, or foreign companies, are usually posted online. But keep in mind that most of the organisations in the field are small and run on small budgets, so they don't always have the money to spend on large-scale recruitment campaigns. Think about joining the employment agencies that work with charities. Smaller businesses can also use their own websites or local newspapers to spread the word.
  • You could use your contacts and make a speculative application if you've already done work experience or volunteered for a cause you'd like to work for. Make sure to tailor your applications to each organisation and tell them how you can help them. If you take the time to find a known contact, you are more likely to get a response.
  • Also helpful is social media. Most organisations, even small ones, have a presence on social media. Follow the pages of groups you're interested in and keep an eye on them. Through a charity's social media, you can learn about their projects and events, make new contacts, and find job openings.
  • You could also start your own charity, but this will take a lot of hard work and important decisions. The NCVO website has information about how to start your own charity, but it also suggests that you first think about whether or not your cause and goals are already covered by an organisation.


To become an intern at a Charity/NGO/Social Services/Non-Profit firm, graduates usually need to be very interested in humanitarian and community development problems. Go to Internwise.co.uk if you think you are the one. It is the best place for university students to find work in the charity, NGO, social services, and non-profit sectors.

Through our site, you can find out about the top charities, NGOs, and social enterprises that are looking for recent graduates. If you can't find what you're looking for, feel free to reach out to us. Many employers are looking for interns with skills in Charity, NGO, Social Services, Non-Profit, and Non-Governmental Organizations. 

You can choose from the different internships that are offered and apply right away for the one that you want.

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Social Media Intern


Media / New Media, Marketing / Advertising / Social Media, Internet Business / Online / Mobile

London, Greater London Part-time Nov 20, 2023
L BOISSEL LTD internships in Central London,

Social Media & Events Assistant


Public Relations (PR) & Communications, Marketing / Advertising / Social Media, Events

London, Central London Full-time Nov 15, 2023
LUXEMORE LONDON LTD internships in Greater London,

Client Lead Generation Specialist


Business Management / Development, Travel & Leisure

Remote, Greater London Part-time/Full-time Nov 08, 2023
SPROOT BABY LTD internships in Greater London, London

Marketing & Social Media Internship (Startup)


Marketing / Advertising / Social Media, Industrial / Manufacturing, Fashion & Luxury

London, Greater London Part-time/Full-time Nov 01, 2023
SPROOT BABY LTD internships in Greater London, London

Sustainability Internship (startup)


Agriculture & Environment, Industrial / Manufacturing, Fashion & Luxury

London, Greater London Part-time/Full-time Nov 01, 2023
Pelham Communications Ltd internships in Central London,

Digital and Social Media Intern

Pelham Communications Ltd

Marketing / Advertising / Social Media, Arts / Dance / Theater / Entertainment

London, Central London Full-time Oct 29, 2023
ANAKINA LTD internships in Central London, London

Client Manager Assistant/Admin


Administration & PA

London, Mayfair, Central London Part-time/Full-time Oct 18, 2023
POSH SHOWROOM LTD internships in Central London, London

Fashion Wholesale Showroom Internship


Fashion & Luxury

London, Central London Part-time Oct 10, 2023
BETTER BUILDINGS PARTNERSHIP internships in Greater London,

Stakeholder Engagement & Communications Coordinator


Public Relations (PR) & Communications, Property Management / Real Estate, Marketing / Advertising / Social Media

London, Greater London Full-time Oct 04, 2023
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Brands Partnership Intern Placement


Marketing / Advertising / Social Media

London, Central London Part-time Sep 28, 2023

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