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All About Internships in the Business Management Sector

Internships are something most students and recent graduates of business administration programs think about. To further your career, you need more than simply an introduction to a company or industry; you need actual work experience. Business Management internships give you a chance to follow your dreams of working in a corporate set up and helping grow businesses.

All About Internships in the Business Management Sector

Internships are a great way to learn the ropes and get a feel for what it takes to make it in a certain field. An intern's responsibilities in an internship in business management are delegated to them by a more senior employee or manager. A secretary's typical day consists of document preparation and processing, phone and email answering, file distribution and organisation, visitor reception, market research and analysis, and errand running. They may also interact with customers or manage social media accounts. An intern's responsibilities can expand to include helping create marketing materials and discovering new business prospects, provided they do so in accordance with the company's policies and regulations and in service to the company's vision and mission.

Internship Opportunities in Business Management

You may find yourself in a position of leadership as your job progresses, or you may find yourself taking on additional duties. If you're interested in a career in business management, our career map can help you plot out your next steps. Someone could enter the workforce as an administrative assistant, move up the ranks to consultant, and ultimately become the vice president of finance.

Requirements for an Internship in Business Management

  • A BA or B.S. in Business Administration or a comparable discipline is required.
  • Expertise in the inner workings of businesses and the methods used by managers.
  • Background working as a business manager.
  • Skilled user of Microsoft Office.
  • Superior ability to express oneself both orally and in writing.

Management Internships in the Following Sectors

Business development is applicable to virtually any industry, although you could opt to focus on:

  • Building Academic Budgeting
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial and telecom information technology

Alternatively, you could work for a variety of companies, but specialise in either:

  • B2B and B2C referring to business and consumer interactions, respectively. 

Internship Abilities in Business Management

  • Management of Internship Projects
  • Customer Service Analysis Data Presentation in PowerPoint
  • Reports and Data on Payroll Finances
  • Management of Funds in SQL

Duties of an Intern in Business Management 

  • Risk and margin evaluation and management of financial portfolios; analysis of macroeconomic and financial events and their impact on those portfolios.
  • Gained expertise in using and customizing SharePoint websites, and working on extensive service and demand management projects.
  • Enter your everyday activities into Accounting Software.
  • Slideshows analyzing trends and predictions can be made.

Qualifications for Business Management Internships

Some business development interns work their way up through an organisation, earning experience in a sales or marketing capacity and receiving training on the job, rather than requiring a college degree. Qualifications for gaining Business Management Internships require:

On-the-job training with classroom instruction is also becoming an increasingly popular entry points into the field of business development management. There are many levels of internships accessible, up to and including the doctoral level.

Many applicants do have a degree because it's a competitive role with high possibilities, and a degree is required if you want to apply for a seat on a graduate training scheme.

The most useful degrees are those in business management and company development. Other related topics are:

  • Economics and Accounting
  • Marketing and International Relations

In this field, further academic study is optional but often helpful.

Commercial managers, account managers, sales executives, business development executives, and even sales managers can all work their way up to the position of business development manager.

Gaining Work Experience 

Gaining work experience is crucial, specially in both business and management aspects, and it can sometimes lead to a full-time position. You might be able to spend a semester or a year working on your degree. If a work placement isn't included in your curriculum, you can always go out to nearby firms and inquire if they provide internships. To top it all, sign up on the niche marketplace for Interns: Internwise.co.uk to grab the best internships in this sector. 

Experience in sales, marketing, or business administration, especially if it's at a company with a focus on business development and management, will look great on a CV. It's a great way to demonstrate to potential recruiters and employers that you're invested in your chosen field. 

Search for the Suitable Employers

Business development interns work in a wide variety of industries, including the government, the private sector, and the nonprofit sector.

Most employers are major corporations with the means to invest in expanding their operations. Business development in smaller organisations is typically one of many duties carried out by a single employee. Internships in the below sectors will help you determine the right places to apply for. Examples of typical places of employment places are:

  • Financial institutions such as banks. The finance sector requires a lot of BDEs.
  • Pharmaceutical firms, universities, IT companies, manufacturers, and any business with a focus on product or service sales.
  • Healthcare providers, the National Health Service, and telecommunications companies.

Education and Training

Since business development is so varied, you can tailor your professional path to suit your own interests and goals. There are a plethora of related courses, including Level 2 and Level 3 programs in business fundamentals, sales and marketing, and sales management, to supplement the substantial on-the-job training you'll receive.

The Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) provides information on various management and leadership programs, as well as apprenticeships, for those interested. Membership in professional organisations provides access to additional credentials, networking venues, resources, and career counseling, including:

  • The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) and the Institute of Sales Management (ISM)

It's feasible to change jobs and industries in order to specialise more deeply, join a larger organisation, or gain access to foreign opportunities. They have graduate schemes and internship programs that can help you succeed in the sector. Your ambitions and motivations are the ultimate determinants of your success. There's no set plan, but there are plenty of chances to take on more responsibility and earn more money. 

Potential Future Jobs

Management in the business world occurs in a wide variety of industries, in most major cities, and at a wide variety of institutions. Therefore, there is a great deal of room for advancement in one's chosen field. You may focus on a certain field, like marketing or sales, or an industry, like information technology or healthcare.

You may be promoted to senior business development manager, where you'd be in management roles, you'd oversee a larger team or division, and be responsible for more ambitious goals. If you work hard enough, you can get to the position of director. If you have a job with a multinational corporation, you may be able to work abroad. You may ask for a permanent move overseas, either inside your current firm or to a new one, or you could take advantage of temporary overseas work assignments.

Consulting for a variety of businesses is another viable career option. You might also start your own business consulting firm.


Students with business degrees are in high demand in virtually every industry. It might be difficult to decide on a career path when there are so many possibilities. Internships are being used as a recruitment tool by a number of firms. Internwise.co.uk is a great site for candidates with a keen interest in management to discover internships. You may quickly and easily contact with potential employers after creating your digital CV on our website.

Internships in business management and development are a great way to jumpstart your career if you have an entrepreneurial spirit and a penchant for taking the initiative, and Internwise.co.uk is the best place to find such opportunities. Many companies are looking for interns with experience in business management and development, so if you can't find what you're looking for here, don't hesitate to get in touch with us (through the link on the contact page). 

You have your pick of internships, so pick the one that best suits your needs and apply right away.  Business Management / Development Internship.

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Vacancy Sector Location Job Type Date Published
DJFAN LIMITED internships in Greater London, London

Social Media Intern


Media / New Media, Marketing / Advertising / Social Media, Internet Business / Online / Mobile

London, Greater London Part-time Nov 20, 2023
L BOISSEL LTD internships in Central London,

Social Media & Events Assistant


Public Relations (PR) & Communications, Marketing / Advertising / Social Media, Events

London, Central London Full-time Nov 15, 2023
LUXEMORE LONDON LTD internships in Greater London,

Client Lead Generation Specialist


Business Management / Development, Travel & Leisure

Remote, Greater London Part-time/Full-time Nov 08, 2023
SPROOT BABY LTD internships in Greater London, London

Marketing & Social Media Internship (Startup)


Marketing / Advertising / Social Media, Industrial / Manufacturing, Fashion & Luxury

London, Greater London Part-time/Full-time Nov 01, 2023
SPROOT BABY LTD internships in Greater London, London

Sustainability Internship (startup)


Agriculture & Environment, Industrial / Manufacturing, Fashion & Luxury

London, Greater London Part-time/Full-time Nov 01, 2023
Pelham Communications Ltd internships in Central London,

Digital and Social Media Intern

Pelham Communications Ltd

Marketing / Advertising / Social Media, Arts / Dance / Theater / Entertainment

London, Central London Full-time Oct 29, 2023
ANAKINA LTD internships in Central London, London

Client Manager Assistant/Admin


Administration & PA

London, Mayfair, Central London Part-time/Full-time Oct 18, 2023
POSH SHOWROOM LTD internships in Central London, London

Fashion Wholesale Showroom Internship


Fashion & Luxury

London, Central London Part-time Oct 10, 2023
BETTER BUILDINGS PARTNERSHIP internships in Greater London,

Stakeholder Engagement & Communications Coordinator


Public Relations (PR) & Communications, Property Management / Real Estate, Marketing / Advertising / Social Media

London, Greater London Full-time Oct 04, 2023
MERCURY EIGHT LONDON LTD internships in Central London, London

Brands Partnership Intern Placement


Marketing / Advertising / Social Media

London, Central London Part-time Sep 28, 2023

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