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Top Event Planning Skills You Need to Succeed As An Intern

The job of an event planner is both very satisfying and highly demanding. Therefore, if you want to make your way up in the events sector, you need have a wide range of essential knowledge and abilities in event planning under your belt.

Top Event Planning Skills You Need to Succeed As An Intern

The lives of event planners have become increasingly glamorous because of high-profile events like weddings and product launches. Planning an event, though, entails more than just going to a bunch of cocktail receptions. One of the most demanding professions, event organising also calls for unique abilities. Only the most meticulous, conscientious interns will succeed in this field. Check out the top event planning skills that you must possess if you feel you were destined for a career in event planning.

Skills You Need as an Event Management Intern

Capacity for Order - Organisational Skills

Planners of special events are exceptionally organised people. While some people thrive in an unstructured environment, a team's planner needs to rely on tried-and-true methods and procedures. Maintaining such order requires communicating relevant information to your teammates, sticking to schedules and budgets, and showing up for scheduled meetings on time. After all, success at an event is not achieved by chance alone. From pre-event preparation to debriefing, you'll need to be very organised and detail-oriented. Managing critical events with tight timelines may induce anxiety. A good event planner remembers every little thing and stays calm under pressure.

Communication - Interpersonal Skills

The ability to quickly connect with others is another crucial skill for an event organiser to have. The ability to effectively communicate with senior executives, event attendees, funders, brand sponsors, and, of course, vendors is an essential talent for event planners. To make sure everything goes off without a hitch and that everyone knows their part, you'll need to have excellent people and communication skills. You must also have excellent writing skills in order to express yourself clearly and confidently in written form. Planners of special events have excellent listening skills, which allow them to anticipate their clients' wishes and needs. They also have an eye for detail, connect effectively with colleagues and the senior management. In short, event planners are savvy networkers.

Connecting Dossier

Professional event planners know how to mingle. The ability to network is crucial in the events sector, which relies significantly on personal connections. It necessitates a large group of service providers such as photographers, lighting and audiovisual decorators, musicians, DJs, videographers, etc. This is the group you can count on to make your events spectacular. Soft skills matter tremendously. During your internship, you'll get a chance to plan varied events. Be it a corporate event or press releases, event promotions  or post-event parties, networking and great hospitality will help elevate your event management skills.

Stay Up To Date

It may seem obvious, but a solid grasp of the subject matter is essential for success in the field of event planning. Knowing the ins and outs of events is crucial knowledge for those tasked with organising them. Skills in drawing out floor plans, writing requests for proposals, reviewing contracts, and analysing event data are essential for every planner. You should also know the fundamentals of hiring musicians, DJs, audiovisual technicians, florists, decorators, etc. It's a creative role that calls for an acute awareness of what passes for realism and what doesn't. Learning and practice are especially important to gain these abilities. A great event planner always follows current trends. 

Focus on Customers

Client satisfaction is a major challenge when organising events. Maintaining customers can be one of the most stressful tasks in the events industry. In the final analysis, it is your responsibility to fulfill the needs of your stakeholders. Planners of special events require a deep commitment to customer service to pull this off successfully. You should always respond politely, even if the task is next to impossible. Customers' worries melt away as they experience your pleasant demeanor.


The key to being a successful event planner is keeping a level head under pressure. Sticky notes and safety pins aren't the extent of their ingenuity. They are able to think clearly under pressure and make swift decisions. They can keep a crowd interested when the keynote speaker is delayed by traffic, or they can do away with the need for a lunch break entirely. Planners who have this ability remain flexible, resourceful, and inventive. Problem-solving is a learned talent; if you're just starting out, you can smooth out the wrinkles in your answer by focusing on pre-event planning. The trick is to make sure you have a backup plan in case things don't go as planned.

Spending and Negotiation Skills

If you consider yourself an excellent negotiator, you have a valuable skill for organising events. Ability to bargain for the best deal when reserving a location or securing a sponsor is essential for event organizers. To negotiate well, you need to bring together knowledge, finesse, and assurance. Invoices, proposals, and expenses all need to be juggled in order to create a workable budget. Post-event analysis and ascertaining financial results are all a part of good negotiation practices.


To pull off successful events, event planners need to be able to juggle multiple tasks at once. Time management is an essential event planning skill for an intern. Ticket sales, event advertising, sponsor acquisition, meeting deadlines and on-the-day logistics are just some of the many balls you need to keep in the air. Furthermore, you need to organise a number of other events at the same time. Even if you have a team, it is still your responsibility to make sure nothing gets missed.   


Creating a checklist is only the beginning of the event preparation process. Putting forth creative ideas is essential in the event planning industry. Despite what some may claim, creativity is a skill that can be developed with practice. It's a must-have talent for event planners who want to put their hearts and souls into their events. Even if you are constrained by the needs of your business or your client, there is always potential for innovation and creativity in the events you plan. You can have a motivational speaker, pick an interesting location, or come up with a fun theme for the event. Use blogs, social media, or an influential person to spark some original thinking.


The ability to take the lead is crucial for any person tasked with organising an event. To pull off successful events, you'll need to collaborate well with others. Trust, delegating responsibility, and getting things done are essential. Leadership is something that can be learned, even if it's not something you were born with. Being a leader doesn't need extroversion. Your enthusiasm for event organising, combined with your natural charisma, will help you grow into a strong leader. This field is heavily people-driven hence it requires you to be adaptive, self-motivated and display your leadership skills well.

Enthusiasm for Organizing

Although it may sound trite and obvious, being may help you achieve your goals. An excellent event organizer brings a lot of energy and enthusiasm to their job. They are self-driven and fed by the satisfaction of knowing they put on a show that their audience loved. Its a must-have event planning skill. You gain work experience by successfully organising and executing even the most stressful events if you love to plan. 

Skilled with modern technology

Not very long ago, tech was seen as a perk rather than a need in the events sector. Never again. Technology solutions of today serve as an additional team member for event organisers. The dramatic change in how events are organized doesn't need planners to be experts in their chosen technology, but they should be open to learning about new tools and keeping up with developments in the field. Project management skills come in handy as an intern in this field. 

Concluding Remarks to Succeed as an Event Planning Intern

If you possess the most of these top skills, you will certainly succeed as an event planner. If you don't already possess these qualities, don't worry; with hard work and a positive attitude, you can easily acquire them and become a successful event professional. It's all about taking what you've learned from each experience and applying it to the next.


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