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All About Architecture Internships

Internships in the architecture sector offer aspiring architects and designers the opportunity to gain practical experience, develop skills, and learn about the complexities of the field. Architecture internships are for students and young professionals who love design, interiors, construction, planning and everything related.

All About Architecture Internships
Internships in the Architectural Industry provide budding designers and architects with invaluable opportunities to hone their craft, establish professional contacts, and learn how things really function. Take a look at our all-inclusive guide about architecture internships:

Architecture Internships - Everything You Need To Know

Internships in:

  • Architectural Design are available and emphasise on the creative side of architecture. Interns contribute to and work on projects by making sketches, models, and helping with the design process.

  • Construction management provide hands-on experience in project management, site supervision, quality assurance, and safety inspections.

  • Urban planning positions focus on initiatives involving city growth, zoning, land use, and public spaces.

  • Interior design involve the planning and design of interior spaces, design and construction as well as the selection of appropriate materials and coordination with architects.

  • Sustainable architecture, energy-efficient design, and green building methods are the main areas of study for interns in this field.

  • Building Information Modeling (BIM) see young architects using computers to build complex computer models of buildings for use in planning and executing building projects.

Advantages of Internship Program in Architecture:

  • Practical Knowledge. Internships bridge the gap between classroom theory and real-world application. They provide with practical experience on the field. 

  • Architecture students gain valuable experience in a variety of fields while developing marketable skills like project management, public speaking, and software expertise.

  • They provide an excellent opportunity to network with professionals in the field, including architects, designers, contractors, and clients.

  • Interns get experience by contributing to real-world initiatives that can be included in their resumes whenever they find full-time employment.

  • Gaining experience in the construction sector are a great way to learn about the ins and outs of working for an architecture company or on a building site.

  • Interns frequently work side-by-side with seasoned architects who are happy to offer advice, critique, and mentorship plus gain practical knowledge.

Where to Look for Architecture Internships

  • Investigate the local architectural practices, design studios, building corporations, and city planning departments.

  • To locate an internship in architecture, you can look on general job boards, company websites, or niche job boards.

  • Take advantage of your university's internship resources, such as career counseling and faculty contacts.

  • Go attend seminars, workshops, and conferences about architecture if you want to meet people and find out about internship opportunities.

Steps to Applying as an Intern for Architectural Internship

  • Put together a portfolio that highlights your most impressive design work, technical abilities, and creative thinking. 

  • Create a CV and cover letter that showcase your expertise, experience, and enthusiasm for architecture specifically.

  • Do some digging into the companies you're applying to so you can tailor your application and show some enthusiasm for the firm's mission.

  • Don't miss the deadline by not paying attention to the application instructions.

Time frame and Pay as an Architecture Intern

Internships can last for a few weeks, a semester, or even longer in some cases.

The pay range is very broad. Some internships provide monetary compensation, while others may only provide expenses covered. Pay scales vary widely depending on factors like company size and geographical region. Most international architecture internships are paid. But you will need thorough information for the same. 

Maximising Your Internship Programme Experience:

  • Take charge, act with verve, and make an effort in all you do.

  • Improve your abilities by asking questions and listening to answers.

  • Collaborate with other experts in the subject and expand your network.

  • Learn as much as you can about the architectural process by participating in meetings, site visits, and conversations with clients.

  • Acquire familiarity with a range of architectural applications, including AutoCAD, SketchUp, Revit, and the Adobe Creative Suite.

Looking for Architecture Internship Abroad - UK

Finding architecture internships in the UK can provide you with valuable hands-on experience and insight into the field of architecture. Here are some steps to help you start looking for an internship:

  • Online Job Portals: Internwise.co.uk is one such job portal that provides architectural students excellent internship options. Websites like RIBA Jobs, Archinect, Dezeen Jobs, Indeed, and LinkedIn often list architecture internship opportunities. You can search for "architecture internships" along with your preferred location on these platforms.

  • Company Websites: Visit the websites of architecture firms, design studios, and construction companies. Many of them post internship openings on their official websites.

  • University Career Services: If you're a student and hold a degree in architecture, your university's career services office might have information on available architecture internships and can assist you with applications.

  • Networking: Attend architecture-related events, lectures, workshops, and seminars. Building connections with professionals in the field can lead to potential internship opportunities. Through efficient networking you gain ideas and can work on a wide variety of industry practices.

  • Architectural Associations and Organisations: Explore associations like the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) for resources, job boards, and potential leads on internships.

  • Social Media: Follow architecture firms, architects, and related groups on platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. Sometimes, internship opportunities are shared through these channels. Join the relevant professional architecture pages, whre you can learn about the architecture and design evolvement or may apply for internships as well.

  • Local Listings: Check local job boards, community centers, and newspapers, as some smaller firms might post internship opportunities in these places. SO many times when graduates search for an internship they get a chance to work in local firms, that helps them get a decent experience in the field. 

  • Portfolio and CV: Prepare a well-structured portfolio showcasing your best work and a compelling curriculum vitae (CV). These documents are crucial for demonstrating your skills and creativity to potential employers.

  • Cold Applications: If there's a specific architecture firm you're interested in interning with, don't hesitate to reach out to them directly with a well-crafted cover letter and your portfolio. Several students and young professionals follow this method to find and internship in their niche areas.

  • Architectural Magazines and Websites: Publications like Architectural Review, Architectural Record, and others often feature job listings, including internships. Focus your search on looking for architectural firms where you can work in a professional capacity and also work on different types of projects.

  • Professional Events: Attend career fairs, architectural exhibitions, and industry conferences where you can meet professionals and learn about internship options. There have been examples when some industry veterans who met with skilled and curious aspirants, they took them under their wing and trained for a successful future career.

  • Design Competitions: Participating in design competitions can not only enhance your skills but also catch the attention of firms that might be interested in offering internships. You can find an internship where you can work on design projects, and your knowledge and skills can be put into practice well.

When applying for architecture internships, be sure to tailor your internship application materials to emphasise on your relevant skills, design abilities, and passion for the field. Research the firms you're applying to so that you can demonstrate a genuine interest in their work. Internships are competitive, so make sure your application stands out and highlights why you would be a valuable addition to their team.

Internships in the field of architecture often give young professionals the chance to gain experience, develop their skills, and create real differences in the built environment. Interns can set themselves up for a successful career in architecture with dedication, hard effort, and a willingness to learn.

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Choose from several available internship opportunities and pursue your desired position by submitting your application immediately.

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Social Media Intern


Media / New Media, Marketing / Advertising / Social Media, Internet Business / Online / Mobile

London, Greater London Part-time Nov 20, 2023
L BOISSEL LTD internships in Central London,

Social Media & Events Assistant


Public Relations (PR) & Communications, Marketing / Advertising / Social Media, Events

London, Central London Full-time Nov 15, 2023
LUXEMORE LONDON LTD internships in Greater London,

Client Lead Generation Specialist


Business Management / Development, Travel & Leisure

Remote, Greater London Part-time/Full-time Nov 08, 2023
SPROOT BABY LTD internships in Greater London, London

Marketing & Social Media Internship (Startup)


Marketing / Advertising / Social Media, Industrial / Manufacturing, Fashion & Luxury

London, Greater London Part-time/Full-time Nov 01, 2023
SPROOT BABY LTD internships in Greater London, London

Sustainability Internship (startup)


Agriculture & Environment, Industrial / Manufacturing, Fashion & Luxury

London, Greater London Part-time/Full-time Nov 01, 2023
Pelham Communications Ltd internships in Central London,

Digital and Social Media Intern

Pelham Communications Ltd

Marketing / Advertising / Social Media, Arts / Dance / Theater / Entertainment

London, Central London Full-time Oct 29, 2023
ANAKINA LTD internships in Central London, London

Client Manager Assistant/Admin


Administration & PA

London, Mayfair, Central London Part-time/Full-time Oct 18, 2023
POSH SHOWROOM LTD internships in Central London, London

Fashion Wholesale Showroom Internship


Fashion & Luxury

London, Central London Part-time Oct 10, 2023
BETTER BUILDINGS PARTNERSHIP internships in Greater London,

Stakeholder Engagement & Communications Coordinator


Public Relations (PR) & Communications, Property Management / Real Estate, Marketing / Advertising / Social Media

London, Greater London Full-time Oct 04, 2023
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