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Booming Career Options in Environment and Agriculture Sector

From global warming and the condensation of the ocean to diminishing freshwater sources, species at risk, and impending scarcity of food, today's news is full of scary stories about the environment and farming. If there is a bright side to these situations, it might be that they give people who work in the environment and agriculture fields a chance to get their hands dirty and make an impact for the world and its people.

Booming Career Options in Environment and Agriculture Sector

What Are Your Career Options in the Environment and Agriculture sector?

Is a job in the agricultural and environmental industry right for you? We have grouped together various functions to facilitate your answering this question. Check out the details below to determine whether working in this field is something that interests you and interests you enough to pursue a career in it.

Expert Opinion on Farming

Consultants in the agricultural sector may come from a variety of academic disciplines, including mathematics, chemistry, and business. Farmers frequently employ the services of agricultural consultants to help them with things like increasing crop or livestock yields, combating weeds and pests, enhancing soil health, and managing various business procedures. Most of an agricultural consultant's work week involves visiting or living on the premises of different clients. Environmental consulting is one of the most sought-after career paths in this industry. 

Expert in animal nutrition

Like a human dietician, an animal nutritionist ensures that the animals in their care receive nutritious food that fits their specific needs. To do so, they must think about things like the animal's species and breed, its current health (especially if it has a vitamin deficiency), its weight, and the activities in which it is engaged (such as milk production, reproduction, or egg-laying).

Nutritionists for animals don't have to have a background in veterinary medicine, although they frequently collaborate with vets, farmers, zookeepers, wildlife rehabilitators, and others in the animal industry. There are also specialised animal nutritionists who only deal with birds, zoo animals, equines, and so on. Farms, pharmaceutical companies, corporations, universities, research facilities, zoos, and livestock feed producers are just a few of the places where animal nutritionists are employed. Working with animals comes easily to those who love being around them or have had them as pets.

Career as an Ecologist

Ecologists investigate not just how species interact with their surroundings, but also how they relate to one another. Many ecologists, in light of the vastness of the biosphere, specialise in either a particular ecosystem (such as freshwater habitats, wetlands, rain forests, or coastal zones) or a particular organism (such as endangered species, native flora, or reptiles).

An ecologist's duties might be as varied as the places they can find themselves working. Among these are environmental impact assessments, teaching in schools, advising government organizations, and being well-versed in all applicable environmental policies and legislation, as well as conducting field surveys to count creatures and conducting these evaluations. They use a wide variety of methods, from data analysis with specialised software to aerial surveys with drones in specific locations.

Career as an Ecological expert - Environmental Manager / Engineer

Waste management presents several difficulties, but environmental engineers are up to the task. Solid waste, wastewater, toxic waste, hazardous materials, and air pollution are all included under the umbrella term "waste" here. Because of the omnipresent nature of industrial waste, environmental engineering encompasses a wide range of specializations. Its practitioners typically specialize in either the air, the land, or the water. They work to avoid or lessen problems including air pollution, water contamination, and public health emergencies that might result from improper waste management. They might, for instance, collaborate with a chemical processing company to find environmentally safe techniques to neutralize potentially harmful chemicals before disposing of them.

Good communication skills and a mastery of the physical sciences are essential for success in the field of environmental engineering.

Agriculture Farm Manager

A farm manager is analogous to a store manager in the retail sector; he or she is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the farm, even if he or she does not own the farm. For example, you may need to take on administrative tasks like staffing up for harvest time. Instead, it typically entails planning or carrying out essential activities including choosing crops and cattle, harvesting and selling crops, and dealing with pests and other environmental issues.

A degree in agriculture, agribusiness, or animal science is a common tertiary qualification among farm managers. A formal education is not required to become a farm manager; instead, you just need to show that you have experience in areas like agricultural production and animal husbandry. Managers of farms typically live and work on their respective farms.  

Marine biodiversity relies on the efforts of fisheries officers, who must ensure that fishermen adhere to all applicable rules and regulations in order to protect them. This can include things like patrolling waterways to deter illegal activity, inspecting fishing vessels, monitoring leases for oyster, pearl, prawning, and fishing sites, checking on shark nets, drafting reports for courts, councils, and government bodies, educating the public about sustainability programs and initiatives, and more.


It is the job of hydrogeologists to safeguard and manage precious resources like water. Their goals include gaining an understanding of its spatial and temporal characteristics. Drilling for core samples, conducting environmental assessments, and developing intricate computer simulations are just some of the methods used for resource management.

When trying to understand how underground freshwater interacts with natural formations, surface bodies of water (such as rivers and streams), and man-made impediments, hydrogeologists frequently collaborate with hydrologists, ecologists, and engineers. From the development of new mines (where one hopes to avoid striking the water table) to the sinking of new wells (where one hopes to hit the water table), these reports can be used to direct a variety of procedures.

Hydrogeologists typically come from a related academic discipline, such as geology, engineering, geophysics, etc. 

Scientist of the Sea - Oceanographer

If you study marine science, you can help solve some of the world's most serious problems. In what ways might we mitigate climate change's impact on the seas? How can we lessen the damage caused by by catch and stop over fishing altogether? What measures may be taken to prevent the extinction of species, lessen the rate of coastal erosion, recover abandoned plastics, and neutralize the acidity of the ocean? The answers to these and other concerns about the ocean's depths are the driving force behind many of the research efforts conducted by marine scientists.

Daily tasks for marine scientists can be quite diverse. Tasks in this category can include data and sample collection, experiment design, management, and dissemination, article writing, project management, counseling public and private organizations, and knowledge maintenance.

Earth scientist

To increase food production, improve water quality, restore damaged lands, better treat waste, and achieve a variety of other environmental and industrial goals, soil scientists specialize in developing new ways to understand the properties of soil.

However, most soil scientists have backgrounds in other fields such as microbiology, chemistry, agriculture, geology, physics, and so on. Pedology, which focuses on soil in its natural context, and edaphology, which examines soil in relation to various soil-dependent practices (such as farming), are both subfields of soil science.
As a soil scientist, you'll use your understanding of soil's biological, physical, and chemical properties as well as its variation from landscape to landscape to conduct fieldwork, monitor or supervise experimental research, write research papers, and more. Due to the multifaceted nature of their field, soil scientists frequently collaborate with other experts in fields such as genetics, hydrology, agronomy, entomology, and environmental science. 

Chief of Waste Management

In collaboration with their clients, waste management officers oversee a variety of initiatives aimed at achieving sustainability goals, such as the transportation of waste from collection sites to processing facilities.

Methods of long-term waste disposal that create secondary resources may fall into this category, as may recycling and trash reclamation projects.
While specific degrees in waste management exist, many officers in this field have more varied academic backgrounds in areas like biology, chemistry, earth sciences, and engineering. They are able to acquire specialised knowledge while working. In addition to advising clients on how to set and achieve realistic sustainability goals, they are responsible for enforcing compliance with all legislation pertaining to the management, transportation, and processing of waste; monitoring the efficiency of waste services (for instance, by supervising waste collection teams); and reducing or eliminating air, land, and water contamination.

Hydraulics expert

In order to work on water-related projects, most water engineers first earn a degree in civil or environmental engineering.

Freshwater, wastewater, sewage, and floodwaters all require the expertise of water engineers. Reservoirs, dams, pumping stations, water treatment facilities, seawalls, and stormwater drainage networks are all examples of capital assets that water engineers help clients and employers monitor.

Water engineers perform a wide range of administrative, monitoring, and managerial tasks daily. 

Doctor of animals

Veterinary science, also called veterinary medicine, is the part of medicine that deals with animals that people keep as pets. As with human medicine, veterinary science is often used through a process of consultation, evaluation, treatment, and follow-up care for more complicated cases.  
Veterinary science is a field where specialization works well. The vet who cares for pets at a neighborhood clinic, on the other hand, is usually a general practitioner who does routine procedures. Veterinarians work in many different places, from small, family-run clinics to large farms and university sites. 


Many agribusiness and environmental companies need interns like you. Jobs in this industry are booming. Companies in this lucrative field provide great internships to learn about this discipline, and improve soft skills. Students, recent graduates, and young professionals can find internships in research and development, viticulture, ecological data processing, geographical analysis, grain production, sustainability intern, and other agricultural fields worldwide.

Our internship marketplace, Internwise.co.uk, is the perfect place to apply for internships in your desired positions. Create an Internwise.co.uk profile to learn about these openings.

Joining an environmental or agricultural professional organization, volunteering or working in the field, and learning the industry can help you land a job. Our Agriculture & Environment Internship page lists internships and student jobs.


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