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Essentials of Your Internship Contract

The intern and the company sign a contract outlining the terms of the internship. It specifies the responsibilities of the intern and the host organisation. Their separate functions are defined, eliminating room for confusion or misinterpretation. Human resources, which is in charge of finding and hiring new employees, typically handles this type of agreement. The establishment of mutual trust through the terms of an internship agreement is crucial to the development of a fruitful working relationship. Understand the essentials of your internship contract before accepting the offer.

Essentials of Your Internship Contract
As an intern, you'd be an employee who is hired by an organisation for the purpose of gaining work experience and training. Interns typically work in exchange for mentoring from professionals in the industry and sometimes course credit (if applicable). However, before you start an internship, you should obtain a contract. The contract establishes the terms of your job and the conditions under which you operate. Decide in advance what kinds of requirements you have for the supplier of your internship.

A standard internship agreement should cover at least the following:
  1. The right to a (trained) internship counsellor at the workplace, within a relevant field of work and expertise, and the name of this person.
  2. The entitlement to a counsellor at the university within your field, and the name of this person.
  3. A description of the professional benefits and the process of the internship.
  4. Guidance from mentor pre and post internship.
  5. A description of your working conditions, any pay you will receive, your rights, your working hours, and time provided for professional growth.
Important pointers to consider. Some of the things you might consider include:
Working hours:
An internship is commonly described as 37 hours per week, including time spent preparing an internship report. Consider how you would like to split your time. For example, you may wish to work four days a week and write your report one day a week, or spend one hour writing your report every evening. In many workplaces, your lunch is included in those 37 hours. Find out what arrangement is in place at the workplace offering the internship.

Work tasks:
Decide what major areas you would like to be responsible for. Think if you would like to have your own independent projects, or if you would prefer working on day-to-day operations.

Consider how much responsibility you want to take on. Responsibility often comes with fascinating professional tasks. But remember that you are still interning. You might not be compensated to spend every waking hour producing a project report.
Ultimately, that is your boss's obligation.

Coverage for expenditures and extras
Check into if your workplace will cover (e.g.) transportation, a work telephone, or a computer.

When negotiating your contract
Have certain prerequisites for your internship contract.
You were chosen for an internship because you have skills that the company needs and can add value to the company. Having well-thought-out goals and plans for your education shows that you are responsible and work in a structured way.

Think of the scenario like discussing your pay, even if you aren't getting paid:
Be extremely clear about what you have to offer the workplace, and what the workplace needs to provide you.
Be wary of statements like "we generally..." and "interns ordinarily can...". The details of earlier internship contracts aren't your problem. You know what you think is reasonable, and you should stick to it.

Be sure that your internship contract specifies every part of what you agree on:
How many hours you'll work, at what times, when you need to be accessible, how to acquire time off in exchange for overtime, and your rights compared to those of other full-time employees at the firm.
  • Will you have a set workstation, a computer, and a phone?
  • What is your academic plan?
  • Who in the office is accountable for sticking to your educational plan?
  • What areas will you be working in?
Working environment
There isn't often a requirement for unique working environment rules in your contract. The Danish Working Environment Act ensures that you work under acceptable health and safety circumstances throughout your internship. Also, it's your employer's job to guarantee that the workplace meets the requirements of the Danish Working Environment Authority for a suitable working environment.

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