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Popular Entry-Level Jobs in Aerospace Industry

Aerospace is one of the most popular and well-paid fields to work in. Aerospace engineering is the main type of engineering. Its major focus is on the creation, architecture, examination, and manufacturing of spacecraft, airplanes, and the various devices and systems that work with them.

Popular Entry-Level Jobs in Aerospace Industry

Entry-Level Career Options in Aerospace Industry

Those with a bachelor's degree or who are seeking a career in the aerospace industry will find plenty of entry-level employment options here. Engineering, academic, and managerial employment are just a few possibilities. Knowing more about these careers increases the likelihood that you'll discover a position that's a good fit for you and your skills. In this article, we take a look at a few entry-level positions in the aerospace sector, discussing what they entail.

If you've recently graduated with a degree in aerospace engineering or a similar profession, or if military service is something you're considering, take a look at the entry-level positions available in the aerospace business. 

Technicians for Airplane Structuring

A structural repairer for aircraft is primarily responsible for the upkeep and repair of aeronautical vehicles like planes and helicopters. An aircraft structural repairer's primary responsibilities may include following blueprints to inspect the plane's structure and make any necessary repairs or maintenance, fabricating new plane parts through techniques like welding, cleaning and inspecting the plane's metal, glass, and fiberglass components, and stowing away any dangerous materials. These experts are mostly military enlistees.

 Researcher Job in Aerospace Industry

A mechanical designer's primary responsibility is to develop plans for mechanical devices in accordance with the needs of businesses and individual customers. They frequently collaborate with engineers to make sure crucial components are included and constraints are taken into account. In the aerospace industry, a mechanical designer's primary responsibilities may include carrying out calculations of aircraft elements in order to create a scale drawing, designing the aircraft to meet specifications like damage tolerance and thermal management systems, and making adjustments to the design to suit the preferences of the client before finalizing it.

 Project Management at Graduate Level

A project manager's primary responsibility is to direct and coordinate an organisation's many undertakings. Aerospace industry project managers often have engineering degrees and experience, which allows them to create detailed project scopes in collaboration with their clients. A project manager in this field may also be responsible for creating a plan and budget for the endeavor, delegating tasks to team members, keeping the client apprised of progress, and adjusting the schedule as circumstances demand.

Production Management

A production manager's primary responsibility is the supervision of the factory's machinery. At a junior level you might only be a spectator but becoming a manager is easy of you accept that exposure. They are dedicated to figuring out what is broken about the way things are done now and fixing it. Production managers in the aerospace industry may be responsible for a variety of tasks, such as ensuring that the machinery used to build airplanes and spaceships complies with all applicable laws and regulations, evaluating machinery on a regular basis, educating workers on how to operate it safely and effectively, and suggesting changes to the production process to upper management.

Inspector of Quality

Quality engineers are engineers who focus on designing effective methods for manufacturing components and systems. How businesses may make the most of their assets and keep their production lines running smoothly in order to consistently turn out high-quality goods is a major area of interest. A quality engineer's primary responsibilities may include resource procurement and management, problem analysis and documentation, routine evaluations to ensure materials and processes are in line with company goals and applicable laws, and training for production staff.

System Engineer

As the name implies, a system engineer's primary responsibilities revolve around the entirety of the systems employed in their field. System engineers in the aerospace sector are experts in the integration of complex hardware and software systems into airplanes and spacecraft to improve their reliability, speed, and safety. In addition to developing and implementing security and operating systems, monitoring and adjusting equipment as needed, and collaborating with other teams to ensure their products meet the company's needs and goals, a system engineer may also be responsible for researching emerging technologies that can be used to develop new aerospace software.

Specialist in Aeronautics

Aeronautical engineers focus primarily on the development and improvement of military aircraft, missiles, and watercraft. Aeronautical engineers, like their cousins the aerospace engineers who create satellites and rockets, specialize on the design of airplanes and spacecraft that never leave Earth's atmosphere. An aeronautical engineer's responsibilities can also include testing new designs for safety and efficiency, assessing finished projects for compliance with legal and environmental regulations, and developing new designs for aviation equipment.


The discipline is actually about things that have to do with air and space travel. It also has two main branches: astronautical engineering and aviation engineering. Aerospace engineers who are good at their jobs know a lot about aerodynamics, power, building materials and structures, programming, and the movement and control of vehicles.

From a broad viewpoint, deciding to major in aerospace engineering as an undergraduate student is a brilliant move. The aerospace and aviation industries each have a large number of job openings. Aerospace engineers are in high demand by the government and various space agencies around the world, including the British government. 

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CAREER CONDUIT (UK) LIMITED internships in Greater London, London

Marketing & Events Intern


Marketing / Advertising / Social Media, Events, HR & Recruitment

Remote, Greater London Part-time Feb 23, 2024
IHEARTLONDONTOURS LTD internships in Greater London, London

Operations Assistant


Travel & Leisure

East London, Greater London Part-time Feb 23, 2024
IHEARTLONDONTOURS LTD internships in Central London, London

Sales Brand Ambassador


Sales, Travel & Leisure

East London, Central London Part-time Feb 23, 2024
NEW SCALER LIMITED internships in South East England, Maidenhead

Information Technology Internship


Information Technology (IT) / Web Development

Maidenhead, South East England Part-time Feb 21, 2024
HUMANT LIFE LTD internships in Central London, London

Head of Content


Media / New Media, Photography / Videography, Marketing / Advertising / Social Media

London, Central London Part-time/Full-time Feb 15, 2024
IMAGE LINE COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED internships in Greater London, London

Business Administration


Business Management / Development, Public Relations (PR) & Communications

London Stratford, Greater London Full-time Feb 14, 2024
HERE ESTATES LTD internships in Greater London, London

Architectural Intern


Architecture / Interior Design

WFH, Greater London Part-time Feb 12, 2024
LOVE BRIDAL LIMITED internships in South East England, London

Seamstress Assistant (Bridal)


Fashion & Luxury

Crystal Palace, London, South East England Part-time Feb 08, 2024
KEYMED (MEDICAL & INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT) LIMITED internships in South East England, Southend-On-Sea

Human Resources Internship


HR & Recruitment

Essex, South East England Full-time Jan 29, 2024
HANA CONSULTING LTD internships in Greater London, London

Creative Artworker


Marketing / Advertising / Social Media, Design / Web Design / Graphic Design

Purley, Greater London Full-time Jan 26, 2024

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